16 October 2019: by Dr. Ashok Dhamija

  1. When you edit a question, the existing topics were not being shown, and you had to select the topics afresh. Now, this has been corrected. Now, when you edit a question, the existing topics for that question will be shown automatically; though, of course, you can change those topics.

15 October 2019: by Dr. Ashok Dhamija

  1. Upvoting and Downvoting of own answers, own comments and own replies (to comments) have been DISABLED now. This means that now you cannot upvote or downvote your own content.
  2. Some minor formatting changes made.

29 September 2019: by Dr. Ashok Dhamija

  1. Algorithm added to the website to automatically select Top Contributors to chAnQya on the basis of certain objective parameters to reward them, under the chAnQya Rewards Scheme.

14 September 2019: by Dr. Ashok Dhamija

  1. In the User Profile of every user, the feature of displaying total number of views of his answers, total upvotes of his answers, and total downvotes of his answers, has been added.
  2. In "All Users" page, users are now displayed in descending order in accordance with the number of followers they have. Moreover, the count of number of followers for each user is also shown now, along with a link to the followers page.
  3. Count of Downvotes on answers and comments has been hidden on various pages, as requested by many users. However, Downvote button is still there.

12 September 2019: by Dr. Ashok Dhamija

  1. Request Answer feature has been added. You can request up to 3 users for answering a particular question. For this purpose, use "Request Answer" menu option in the drop-down menu below a Question in the Answer page or the (single) Question page. Then, select up to 3 users, and Request Answer. If other users have requested you to answer, then you can see all such Answer Requests in the left bar menu in laptop, and in the mobile version in the top menu.
  2. For the time being, the feature of anonymously asking question has been disabled.
  3. Some other minor changes have been made.

16 August 2019: by Dr. Ashok Dhamija

  1. Save Draft feature in answers has been added. This means that you can now save your answer as a Draft. Click the "Save Draft" button while adding a new answer to a question. This will save your draft answer, and will not publish the answer. You can change your saved draft at any time by saving draft again. Your answer will be published only when you click the "Add Answer" button. So, you can save the draft answer and publish it later at any time.
  2. Maximum Number of Topics that can be added to a question has been increased from existing 5 to 7.

6 August 2019: by Dr. Ashok Dhamija

  1. Android App for chAnQya has been approved by Google for listing on Google Play Store. It is online now and available for download. It is the first basic version and further improvements will be made in future. It can be downloaded from the following link:

5 August 2019: by Dr. Ashok Dhamija

These new changes were made to

  1. Show Author Info and link to link to his other answers, just below his individual answer.
  2. Android App has been prepared and submitted to Google Play Store. It is under review by Google at present.

31 July 2019: by Dr. Ashok Dhamija

These new changes were made to

  1. Made several formatting changes before release of Android App for the website.
  2. Number of new notifications now shown with the Bell icon.

28 July 2019: by Dr. Ashok Dhamija

Following further changes were made to

  1. Password change in User Settings corrected and password made hidden by default.
  2. Notifications for mentioning in Questions, Answers, Comments and Replies implemented.
  3. Minor formatting changes in “All Answers” feed, “User Settings”, etc.
  4. Menu Options for different types of feeds improved.

23 July 2019: by Dr. Ashok Dhamija

Following changes were made to

  1. The Notifications feature on is fully functional now. You’ll get notifications when someone answers your question, someone comments on your answer, someone replies to your comment or to your answer, someone upvotes your answer or comment or reply; etc. You’ll also get notifications when a moderator hides your answer or question; or when a moderator restores back your hidden question or answer.
  2. Leftbar introduced in the single-answer pages too.

22 July 2019: by Dr. Ashok Dhamija

Following changes were made to

  1. Google reCaptcha has been included in Sign Up for spam-protection, instead of our own spam-protection technique (which was found to be very strict by some users and not allowing some users to register).
  2. Answer button has been added to enable you to answer a question, directly from a page where you are reading the answer of another user to that question. 

20 July 2019: by Dr. Ashok Dhamija

Following changes have been made to

  1. Previously, clicking a link for a question / answer would open that in a new tab / window. This has been changed and now they will open in the same tab / window.
  2. Certain features like subscript, superscript, blockquote, etc., while adding or editing answers, were not working previously. Now, they have been corrected and are working.
  3. Scrollbar added in editor for adding new answers so that applying formatting becomes easier.
  4. Likewise, scrollbar added in editor while editing answers.
  5. Text alignment (left, centre, right and justified) enabled while adding or editing answers.
  6. In the editor for adding and editing answers, added some extra spacing after each para and heading, etc., since some users were using double line-breaks after each para, heading, etc., not knowing that single line-break was sufficient.
  7. Modal window showing List of Upvoters will now show scrollbar to properly display even if number of upvoters is large. 

17 July 2019: by Dr. Ashok Dhamja

Feature of displaying “All Users” added. List of all users is displayed. Moreover, when this list is displayed, the search-bar allows search for users. You can use even a part of name to search users.

17 July 2019: by Dr. Ashok Dhamija

The website has been launched today, i.e., on 17 July 2019. I have been programming it for about three weeks and am happy to launch it.

Of course, at this stage, it is the first version of this website. I myself have a long list of features that I would like to implement. Due to strict time-schedule that I set for myself, these features could not be implemented in the first version. In fact, I had to use several new technologies (that I had not used earlier) while coding this website, and there were thousands of small things that had to be done perfectly, which made it difficult for me to include everything in the first version of this website. But, after a break of a few days, I’ll start adding more features to the website. There may not be a formal next version, however, since the new features will continue to be added on regular basis.

At this stage, the website allows you to (1) register freely as a user, (2) ask questions, (3) answer the given questions, (4) comment on the answers, (5) reply to comments, (6) upvote and downvote answers and comments/replies, (7) follow other users, (8) follow topics, and much more.

You can also ask anonymous questions (the feature of anonymous answer may be added later).

You also have the option of restricting answer by others to your own question. This means that you can ensure that nobody other than you can answer your question. This option is available when you ask a new question. This feature can be used by you to post your own article, since only you would be able to write answer on that issue. Others can, of course, comment on your answer (or the article, if I may say so).

Please also note that you can answer a particular question only once. You cannot answer a question twice or more number of times. However, if needed, you can edit your answer at a later stage and add more points.

Of course, you can also edit your own questions and your own comments.

You can delete your question, answer or comment. You can edit them. You can close your question which means no further answers can be given to such closed question (this should generally be used when you are satisfied with a given answer to your question and feel that no further answers are needed).

You can also report the questions, answers and comments of other users, if you find anything objectionable or unlawful or against our policies.

Feel free to use the Share button to share a question or an answer to social media.

Please also note that while you can upvote and downvote any answer or comment and the number of such upvotes and downvotes is visible to all, only the list of upvoters can be seen (you may have to refresh the page, if you have just upvoted to see your name in the list of upvoters; in the next version, I’ll be using the AJAX feature of update without refreshing the page). The list of downvoters is hidden for obvious reasons, as usually people will not downvote if their names are disclosed. It is necessary to get true feedback from users.

At this stage, I have deliberately kept the feature of upvoting and downvoting the same answer or comment, at the same time by the same user. In future versions, if need be, this can be changed. Of course, you can cancel your upvote or downvote, if you change your decision later or if you voted by mistake.

It is noteworthy that while you are required to sign in (free) to ask question, provide answers, or to comment and upvote / downvote, any person (even if he is not registered or not signed in) can view most of the contents of the website. In particular, any unregistered person can view all questions and answers.

At this stage, the Notifications feature is not fully implemented. It is implemented only partially. I'll complete it in coming days.

These are just a few features that I thought to highlight. Please explore the website to see other features.

You need to register if you want to explore all features of the website.

Important: At, the endeavour is to ensure that everybody gets full FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION (FoE) to express his views and opinions. Your answer will not be hidden or deleted merely because you have a different opinion than what others feel. So, your answer will not be deleted or hidden even if there are 1000 downvotes or more. No mass-reporting can influence decision for deleting or hiding an answer.

Having said that it is your duty to ensure that while exercising your FoE, you don’t defame or abuse others, or that you don’t commit any offence under applicable laws by way of your answer or other content. Abusive, defamatory, threatening content or any content that is an offence under applicable laws, may be deleted or hidden. This is to ensure sanctity of the website. This is just to ensure compliance with laws. But, your content shall NOT be deleted or hidden merely because of ideological differences or because of difference of opinion with others. Moreover, a fair and reasoned criticism does not mean abusing someone.

Please remember that even under the Indian Constitution, for example, the fundamental right to freedom of speech and expression is not absolute and has certain reasonable restrictions.

So, while guaranteeing you full freedom of expression of your opinions and views, it is expected that you shall not violate laws under the garb of FoE.

I hope it clarifies the issue.

To end a long blog post, let me point out that while I have tried to ensure that there are no possible errors in the working of the website, I am fully conscious of the fact that in a project of this nature (which is on the web where users would use different devices with varying features and technologies), some errors may inadvertently creep in. I request for your indulgence and request you to report such errors, if any, at our email address as given on the Contact page.

Your suggestions and feedback are also welcome at the above email address.

So, enjoy and share your knowledge and wisdom with others and receive similar benefits from other users.

By the way, if you’re wondering why I named this website as, please read this.