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Disclaimer:- Answer is biased and based on personal experience, deal with it.

I am banned on Quora, hence, my only preference is ChAnQya at this moment. The reason for which I was banned on Quora was 'I was allegedly using the sockpuppet accounts on the Quora'. While the fact is my 3 fake IDs were created on the platform. After my complaint, action was taken on only one account and it was banned. No official response was received from website.

I used Quora from device and internet provided by my institute and hence Quora algorithms also considered all the accounts operating from one source as sockpuppet and one of my college friend's ID was also banned. I am not in touch with more friends now because my graduation is completed.

Before ban, I was edit blocked for three times. One time full edit-block and two times partial edit-block. When I was first time edit blocked on 5th May 2019 then my more than 10 answers were collapsed within a week and no response was received from any appeal (by mail and messages). When my edit block was over then I get on the work and got the 8 answers uncollapsed. For two times, I was edit blocked just because I have added the reference in the answer and great moderation considered it as spam.

My three answers on criticism of feminism were collapsed on Quora and I got the warning the attack on any gender is not tolerable. While first answer was on fake #MeToo allegations on Nana Patekar and Jitendra, second answer was on misandry (anti-men) statements by the feminists and third answer was hypocrisy of feminists in Sabarimala case. All those answers were criticizing third wave feminism and feminist moderator considered them as hate speech and collapsed all.

Deepak was banned on Quora just because we tried to refute the theories of so called 'Hindu Terror' but the spaces which were spreading the anti-Brahmin and anti-infidel (or pro-Muslim) sentiments [like Brahmins are rotten, all Gods are fake expect Allah] are still active and thriving. If anyone wants the screenshots of the hate content posts on those websites then also I can provide those. Still, no action. This will not happen on this website, never.

Apart from it, I like following things here:

  • Privacy Policy:- I personally like the privacy policy of this website which collects only the minimal data. Just visit the privacy policy of Quora and see how much data they collect from us, it can even predict the human behavior of us while the data collected on this site is nothing. This website didn't sell the data to third party while Quora sells your data on name of advertisement preference. This data includes your choice, age, social media account and your location too. (Read this to know more about privacy policy of Quora.)
  • Freedom of Speech:- I can criticize the hypocrisy of feminists and their anti-men statements without fear of those so called Nice and Respectful policy. I can write freely, just I have to keep in mind that it doesn't offend any particular follower of religion, race, gender or sexual orientation.
  • Swadeshi:- Having said that, third world war may not be on ground but on the ground of data. I will be sure that the data and cookies will be stored in the server of New Delhi, not of some silicon valley website where they have to provide data of any user if American government legally notice them to give data.

I like the chAnQya more due to these reasons and as I already said, I am biased and thus, this is biased view of person who have seen the noncooperation from moderators, unfair banning of conservative writers, and threats and doxxing on Quora.

PS:- I didn't stop spreading thoughts on Quora but my one friend started to spread my words and you have met his profile yesterday if you joined this platform on yesterday night/today.

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