Do you agree with BJP Working President JP Nadda that Achhe Din (Good Days) have already been brought to India by Modi?

AS Ashok Dhamija asked 11 months ago
Manoj V, Work is mine; but not the result.
Answered 11 months ago

I sincerely disagree to this statement.

How dare he make such a statement, when even to this day Kashmiri Pundits have not got justice!

Has the Kashmir border issue been solved?

Has the Ayodhya Ram Mandir issue been solved?

Has the present Karnataka government issue been resolved? (Date answered : 21 July, 2019)

Has license permit Raj been removed?

Has the HDI of India become greater than 0.9?

There are so many issues which exist even now. How can he settle? How can BJP settle?

I condemn this callous attitude.

I guess I have ranted enough for now.

Thank you.

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Manoj V
Work is mine; but not the result.