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Answered 1 month ago

Yes, it will be very beneficial for the society, country and the individual person as well. So I think it should be allowed, anyway one can adopt them without disclosing their personal choices, there is no need for that everywhere, at certain places it is required not always, presently a woman can adopt a boy child but a man can not adopt a girl child, anyway with certain checks and balances, it can be allowed in the future I think. If we compare group caring vs individual caring, second one is more effective. So, since there are thousands of children who are orphaned and some are living in utmost poverty, it is important that good conditioning care must be provided, so if the adopter is very and fully stable in the society, it is good to adopt them. (why fully stable?, if an individual don't have anything to eat and don't have shelter and necessities how he/she will take care of the child).

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B.Tech IT | Research Papers on Cognitive Sciences