Does ChAnQya have plans to reward it's top contributors?

Just like Quora has a top writer program where some users are awarded top writer badges every year. Has ChAnQya planned something of that sort in order to encourage users to contribute more in form of their answers, questions and articles.

JI Jitin Kumar asked 11 months ago
Ashok Dhamija, Supreme Court Advocate, Ex-IPS, Founder of
Answered 11 months ago

Not immediately. But, I have that in my mind for future.

Right now, I have funded from my own financial resources, including a lot of time spent for its development which has led to indirect financial loss in my regular profession too.

Quora is a heavily funded website. So, they have funds for various purposes.

As suggested by some members, I am planning to introduce Google AdSense ads on If there is a reasonable revenue, definitely I can think of rewarding the top contributors. There can be monthly rewards, yearly rewards, or even weekly winners.

I shall definitely try to do something to reward the contributors.

Evaluation of the top contributors will be made on the basis of the number of questions, number of answers, number of comments, number of followers gained, and most importantly the quality of their contribution. The quality of contribution will judged by the number of views, the number of upvotes (and downvotes, if any), etc. More weightage will be given to the quality, rather than the number. Best indicators for quality would perhaps be number of upvotes (minus, the number of downvotes, or some appropriate formula) and the number of views.

The software will automatically decide the winners / top contributors on periodical basis, without any manual intervention.

Moreover, more than the reward, the recognition of top contributors also helps in motivating them. Therefore, in future version of the website, I have in mind to develop a system of giving user points to every user (a sort of user rating). This will be done by the software automatically and periodically based on the above or similar other factors, without any human intervention. So, at least there would be periodical declaration of top contributors, even if there are no financial resources.

However, as I mentioned above, please allow me some reasonable time. Let me first find some basic financial resources through Google ads or something similar. But, some sort of reward system will definitely be done in due course of time.

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Ashok Dhamija
Supreme Court Advocate, Ex-IPS, Founder of