How can fake news aimed at appeasing minorities be curbed?

It has been a recent trend to blame the majority of intolerance and try to appease minorities in a desperate attempt of destroying culture, politics and our secularism. What can we do to reduce this?

VI Vishnu Elayath asked 11 months ago
Prasanna Naidu, YouTuber at PNviews
Answered 11 months ago

Stick to the Constitution in the real sense.

This trend is followed on both the sides. The Left side gets highlighted more because so called intellectuals with left leaning thought process are more in the media industry. And thats why news gets amplified from this category.

To answer your question, it cannot be curbed as far as such individuals exist. And such people are going to exist always.

So, what can we do is..not entertain such news and spread awareness about the other side, which the pro right media is doing well.

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Prasanna Naidu
YouTuber at PNviews