How can India tackle water crisis?

Chennai is facing a severe water crisis today. If left unchecked, many other cities will also face similar problem. How can India save itself from such a fate?

VI Vishnu Elayath asked 11 months ago
Kiran Rathod, IITBian, seeker of knowledge.
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There are several ways in which India can save country from marching towards a disaster of water shortage. The things which I am going to describe below will need very strong political will, acceptance from public and societies, corporate houses.

1. All the corporate houses which are working in this country definitely have Air-conditioning working, I have not seen many without an AC, if there are then they are negligible in number. Before granting permission for any corporate buildings or campuses to operate it should be made mandatory to save the water condensing on cooling coils of AC's and dripping down. Collect all that water and reuse it in the same campus or corporate house's daily use except for drinking.

2. Every residential society which houses more than 500 filies or flats should have a central lake(which is not of a concrete base) in the middle of the society and a park around the lake. This way all the rain water of society can be accumulated in that lake and inturn will charge the ground water of the area.

3. No house or residential or business house are given permission to build the building untill and unless they plant trees equal to 1/200th part of their land inside their compound.

4. Encourage the local water storage systems that can be small lakes or ponds for irrigation.

5. Make it mandatory for all the coastal cities and areas that out of their drinking water they should atleast have 50% of drinking water from desalination plants from sea/ocean in next 5-10 years. It will reduce the burden on inland rivers, dams and storage ponds and reduce the dependency on fresh water from rains to a great level and help inland regions to use their water resources for region development instead of storing major chunk of water for the use of cities throughout the year. For ex: Mumbai draws lot of water from inland water reservoirs for drinking and other usages in summer, same goes for Chennai. Though both cities are on coastal line they don't really have a proper planning of water management and to tell you these both cities have pretty good rainfalls in monsoon.

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Kiran Rathod
IITBian, seeker of knowledge.