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संस्कृतम् (Samskrtam), anglicized as Sanskrit, is one of the oldest surviving languages in the world. Unfortunately the people who speak Sanskrit today are very less. It is also often overlooked by the masses as a language meant only for rituals and scriptures.

This notion is being cleared and corrected by Sanskrit experts and enthusiasts all over the world.

According to the 2011 Census in India, 24821 people registered Sanskrit as their mother tongue in comparison to 14,135 people in 2001. Almost 71% increase in speakers of Sanskrit. It is very encouraging.

There are various ways for us to increase this reach of the Deva Bhasha (the language of Gods). A promotion of properly curated curriculum that includes detailed study of Sanskrit is a must for this. We need more Sanskrit scholars than ever now.

Samskrita Bharati, an institution working towards spreading and teaching Sanskrit has a great curriculum that teaches the language in simple ways. They also conduct workshops for संभाषण संस्कृतम् (Sambhashana Samskrtam - Spoken Sanskrit).

I personally learned whatever little I know by studying scriptures and reading various materials available in books and different websites. I firmly believe that the unorthodox method of teaching through videos, stories and conversations is the best way to promote this ancient language and get it back to its glory.

YouTube channels like "Hindu Globe" and "The Sanskrit Channel" help us learn Sanskrit better. There is also a Sanskrit Wikipedia which is maintained with great care.

सुधर्मा (Sudharma) is a Sanskrit daily newspaper which is another excellent initiative to work towards preserving and promoting Sanskrit.

Finally, we the new generation of Sanskrit enthusiasts must invoke interest among our friends and peers so that Sanskrit can be learned by more and more people.

जयतु भारतम् । जयतु संस्कृतम्।।


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