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I am kind of a person who avoids installing mobile apps as long as they have a web version. However, it is impossible to post on Instagram from a PC browser.

At least that is what I thought.

Some photographers and editors complain that the image quality is reduced while transferring their images from PC to mobile for posting on Instagram.

Meanwhile, some people like me don’t like to install too many apps. When browsers can do the same tasks, why do we even need apps?

Instagram being an important part of my professional life, it is important for me to keep it on my phone.

Use Instagram on PC

Step 1: Login to your Instagram Account on Browser

Type this URL and hit enter in your Desktop browser:

It will ask you to log in.

Step 2: Right-click on the homepage and open Inspect Element

Open Inspect Element on the same page by pressing ‘Ctrl+Shift+I’ or by simply right-clicking with your mouse.

Step 3: Select ‘Toggle Device Toolbar’

If you open Inspect Element of your browser then you will see an option with an icon of mobile. That’s Toggle Device Toolbar for you.

If not found, you can simply press ‘Ctrl+Shift+M’ and it will do its job.

Step 4: Refresh the Page

Once you refresh your page, you will see the exact replica of your Instagram App on your Desktop screen.

That's it.

Post your images/videos from desktop now. You can even reply to DMs.


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Helping Businesses to Flourish Online | Digital Marketer