How would human life be a hundred centuries later when all the power structures we built have been dismantled?

How would a person's wealth, power or status in a society be determined? Any other aspects that you think would have changed?

AN Aniruddha Rao asked 2 weeks ago
Praveen Joshi, B.Tech IT | Research Papers on Cognitive Sciences
Answered 1 week ago (Edited 1 week ago)

We will move towards ancient or normal life style again, just like a cycle will get completed. Let us see the trend, scientist discover item "X", then after few years, scientist says due to "x" we have these kinds of problems in our body or in environment. Cars, bike came, physical exercise become less, now for instance if we want to buy something from the market which is 1km away, most people will use our machines. Less physical things...etc. leads to many problems.

We can see now due to technological comfort people are becoming dependent on it, and we have psychological problems like fatigue, anxiety, depression and physical problems like dry eyes, eye pain(over use of phone), bad postures, spinal problems...etc a lot of other issues. As technology will increase, artificial things will increase as well, we can see this, what we all have done to nature. May be it will not happen suddenly or in 1 or 2 centuries but may take dozens of century.

Now many people will think positively, I am too positive as well, but we must know, that recently two horn rhino has been extinct from Malaysia. And it is now in sumatra ~80.

But I am firm believer of natural forces, if nature gets distorted, nature will do something.(note we also comes under nature).


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B.Tech IT | Research Papers on Cognitive Sciences