I was cheated by a guy for RS. 15000 in the name of modelling. How can I deal with it?

He demanded money in the name of modelling I'm new to this field so I got cheated easily. But just after I sent money I checked on Google I found his name in news for same fraud. I tried calling him that I don't want to do give me my money back.

Asked anonymously 11 months ago
Indrani Chakraverty, A curious traveler in the universe of life
Answered 11 months ago

Well you have turned wiser now ,wish you could have checked out his credentials before the money was given.sometimes in the hope of getting what we want we blindly trust forgetting to be careful. Thankfully you are safe , next time cross check the veracity of the person as many times as possible before trusting .

I think you can forget the money if he is into this type of fraud and think of it as lost. But take it as a great lesson learned!

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Indrani Chakraverty
A curious traveler in the universe of life