Is Chanqya the indian version of Quora?

Chanqya looks very similar to Quora. What India specific features are Chanqya going to have?

SU Sumanta Sarathi Borthakur asked 11 months ago
Kushagra Garg, MBBS student at ABV Government Medical College, Vidisha
Answered 11 months ago (Edited 11 months ago)

chAnQya is an India based Question and Answer platform. The basic structure of chAnQya might look similar to Quora but it will have features better and beyond Quora in future. This site was launched today i.e., 17th July 2019. What we are seeing today is the first version of it.

Basic 'Indianized' feature/policy is- Minimal restrictions on Freedom of Expression

As guaranteed in the constitution of India too, every user of has right to express their view however hard or unpleasant without the fear of being censored by moderators. Answers will not be deleted on the basis of downvotes which significantly reduces the fear of mass-reporting. But just as the freedom of expression is not an absolute right in constitution, users should keep in mind to be respectful and avoid causing any kind of nuisance for any one.

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Kushagra Garg
MBBS student at ABV Government Medical College, Vidisha