Is this what you want to happen in your life?I believe it's not so much a question about morality, it is rather about "will I regret it?" And if I regret it, it is clearly wrong! If not, hurray!But ... read more
Praveen Joshi, B.Tech IT | Research Papers on Cognitive Sciences
Answered 7 months ago
I will like to add only one more things, the fellow author @Pradeep-singh already wrote some of the common points,My basic point is, if we want to break any kind of social or psychological or any ... read more
Pradeep Singh, Mechanical engineering Student
Answered 7 months ago (Edited 7 months ago)
No it's not wrong. And It's not a question about being right or wrong. But one should follow societal norms in which they are living. If you live in a society where something like this is/are ... read more
As long as it is consensual, I don't think it is wrong. 2 young people curious about their bodies and it's pleasures, nothing wrong in that. Just don't record these acts, and don't expect a virgin ... read more