Pradeep Singh, Mechanical engineering Student
Answered 1 week ago (Edited 1 week ago)

No it's not wrong. And It's not a question about being right or wrong. But one should follow societal norms in which they are living. If you live in a society where something like this is/are considered to be not good. I think we should respect that, as these values or tradition are very fabric of any society, breaking them can also lead to other unwanted problems.

Recently I have seen viral videos of young couples in metro kissing each other.

Now, is it right or wrong?

I belive it totally depends on circumstances, like if it's happening in any western country where people are used to such things like kissing, it's totally acceptable. If someone kisses in public , maybe the public will react to cheer them. Even if parents kiss in front of their children, it would not be much awkward for them.

But doing such things in a country like india, where kissing or having sex before marriage is not a part of society will only lead to break the society.

And all these things are being justified in the name of freedom. Is this really freedom?

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Pradeep Singh
Mechanical engineering Student