An Indian common man (or a woman) has very little knowledge of the concept of democracy. On top of that when it comes to Indian context they only know to criticize everything what is happening in ... read more
Dr Tapas Priyaranjan, Ex Aiimsonian, Doctor, MBBS
Answered 2 weeks ago
Truth is Indian Common man is Intrested in Listening to Political conversations of politicians. They are enthusiastic in entertainment element out of it.Sadly, the last man of India or the 50th from ... read more
Shihab Saheer
Answered 2 weeks ago (Edited 2 weeks ago)
The more money you have. The more MLA's you get. Thank you electoral bonds :-p. Everything is for sale in our democracy people's consensus doesn't and wouldn't matter to a political ... read more
Abhinav Rajagopalan, Engineer
Answered 2 weeks ago
The concept of a "common man" in India is too vague and a poor term. Primarily because you can find people in a diverse variety of occupations, tribes, having variegated sets of beliefs etc. -- so ... read more
Shashidhar Suman, B.Tech in ME from NIFFT Ranchi (expected 2020)
Answered 2 weeks ago (Edited 2 weeks ago)
What a common man think about indian democracy?Common man think democracy is of the people, by the people and for the people but actually democracy is of the political party, by the political party ... read more
Indian democracy is corrupt and dishonest and open for manipulation. The political class is castiest, communal and bigotry flows through this system. However, it is a reflection of our society. The ... read more
Manoj V, Crush on Physics, engaged to engineering
Answered 3 weeks ago (Edited 3 weeks ago)
I'm a common man of India. My opinion is, all politicians make black money to win elections.It's called being practical, not corrupt ;)Politics is casteist, communal and whatnot. Just as every system ... read more