Dr Tapas Priyaranjan, Ex Aiimsonian, Doctor, MBBS
Answered 2 weeks ago

Truth is Indian Common man is Intrested in Listening to Political conversations of politicians. They are enthusiastic in entertainment element out of it.

Sadly, the last man of India or the 50th from the last - they are very poor in Understanding of Democracy. This is evident of the fact of this one line " Main Akela kya kar lunga." Most are busy mending their own lives and livelihoods. They are busy in daily life and struggle to earn for their two square meals and then for comfort.

Every other guy is concerned about their own comfort. For example, Farmers for sale of vote are busy in demanding for loan waivers; industrialists are keen on tax savings, easy land procuring, less regulations on labour laws; labours are keen on more pay less work ; unemployed youth is worried for legal/ illegal source for getting money and a few who are abused to drugs, gambling etc want the law to favour them and so on.

Now, the group which needs sympathy and can be befooled is easy prey for candidates in democratic elections. The common men Today know that politics of India works on Demand and Address of issues - the ones basic ( nah!) , the ones created by one section for power tussle.

The common man of India was least bothered about the British colonials or the invaders ruling out land before, until they tried to mend ways of common beliefs and religious practices. The Democracy today doeant mean much for common masses till they are associated with common problems and their own lives.

So, if you ask what Common men of India think of its democracy , then the answer won't be great. They know this word Democracy is when one exercises the right to vote but if paid enough by one they can sway their mood.

In India, Politicians target groups because of the identity of common people with their group. Very rarely different members of family vote to different candidates as per choice. Till today many women vote as per instructed by their male members.

This is the idea of democracy. If tomorrow someone is going to overtake our democracy and is able to keep the common mass ignorant and pleased and Jail the opposition's, it would take decades before large protest erupts ( unless someone makes mistake like Indira). However, I am hopeful that I would be proved wrong due to our educated youth and power of Social media.

About the Author:
Dr Tapas Priyaranjan
Ex Aiimsonian, Doctor, MBBS