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Disclaimer: I know that Sir Ashok Dhamija is spending his hard-earned money on this website which has no source of revenue as of now ( no advertisements or promotions), however, I'd like to suggest a few features that can be implemented without much cost:

  • While reading someone's answer to a question, the question itself could be linked to its initial thread. When I read someone's answer to a question, I can't click on the question itself to answer myself or view other answers. This is a turn off for many potential users. We basically have to scroll down to click on a hyperlink to load the question thread.
  • Suggesting edits to a question or an answer would be really helpful considering the typos in a lot of questions being asked as of now.
  • Some of the members could be appointed as a moderator to manually edit a question to make it more readable. Likewise, use of cuss words or irrelevant terms could be better expressed.
  • Adding a few colours to the website could really do wonders. This website is made to look simple and easy to load, but a few additional colours and better design could really help the users feel comfortable.
  • Notifications are mismanaged. Comments to our answer are not notified and neither do we get notified about our upvoters or followers.

  • These were few suggestions on making this website look good.

    Now coming back to the question:

    What additional features can be added to chanqya to make it better than quora?

  • As Pratik Ratnaparkhi mentioned in his answer, adding polls would help a lot. That would be an easier way to know the opinion of the users without reading the full answer.
  • The page could be divided into two sections when viewing an answer. On the left, we see the answer of the user with a 60% margin. On the right, we see the comments of other users on that answer. This makes commenting a lot easier.
  • On highlighting a selected text in an answer, we should get 2 java script buttons (+Copy / + Quote) Copy does its job and copies the text while Quote makes it easier to comment by including the highlighted text in our comment.
  • That's it for now, will add more points later.

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