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Elaneer Payasam

Elaneer Payasam Recipe

A very simple and quick-to-make variation of the traditional kheer, Elaneer Payasam is a popular dessert in Kerala and southern Tamil Nadu. Made from tender coconut pulp and condensed milk, this unique preparation is an incredibly tasty experience for a creation as simple.


bengalisweetsyoumusttrythisdurgapuja16_1412148129Bengali sweets are famous for their unforgettable taste and and Sarbhaja is a little known gem in this legendary list. Even in Kolkata, there are just a handful of shops that make this rare delicacy during the Durga Puja festival. Made entirely from condensed milk that has been deep fried, the super delicious Sarbhaja is definitely not for the calorie-conscious.



Kharwas is the Marathi name of a sweet steamed pudding made from the colostrum milk of a cow. Steam cooked in a water bath, Kharwas simply melts in the very first bite. Also known as Posu and Ginnu, this unique dessert packs in a lot of nutrition.

4-Parwal Mithai

03 Parwal Mithai

A delicious sweet made of tender cooked pointed gourds with a delectably soft khoyastuffing, Parwal Ki Mithai is a much loved delicacy in Bihar. And yes, it tastes just as good as it looks.



Bebinca may not be the quickest dessert to make but it’s absolutely lip-smacking. Painstakingly prepared with each layer being baked separately, this traditional Goan sweet is a slice of soft, yummy goodness. Warm Bebinca with ice-cream is a combination hard to resist!

6-Sel Roti


Sikkim’s Sel Rotis are crispy rice doughnuts that can satisfy the sweetest tooth. The soft texture of the interior complements the hint of crunchiness on the exterior perfectly to make a dessert which is absolutely scrumptious. This traditional sweet is also widely eaten in Nepal.


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