What are the reasons behind failure of Amit Shah's political strategy in Maharashtra elections?

What happened to so called "chanakya neeti" of him? Why he failed to show his skills in Maharashtra? Shouldn't BJP keep the word of CM post to Shiv Sena? Hasn't BJP broken the mandate?

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Not one of them comes firmly to Chanakya. At best you can compare these politicians to Machiavelli. I will tell you what Chanakya would have done if he was in place of Amit shah.

Let’s assume Ajit Pawar acted on behalf of that foxy Sharad Pawar (I don’t believe it).

Ap-Ajit Pawar

Df-Devendra Fadnavis

Ss-Shive Sena

As-Amit Shah

23 Nov ->The Planning

Ap at night goes to Df for govt formation. Df is not sure of Ap’s intent, and contact As then he tells Fadnavis the secret plan.

Df gets invited by the governor at night after removing the president’s rule ( Yes governor can invite him without the letter of support read constitution) and stake claim and ask him to have floor test on 24th morning by noon.

24 Nov -> D-day

Media gets shocked, Rtv gets an orgasm, but Ndtv gets a heart attack, ask Df how will he prove his majority on the floor. Df misleads everyone and tells that he is hoping shiv Sena gets their conscious back and support him today.

Sanjay Raut being an arrogant fool he is would have publicly wrong mouthed Fadnavis more thus gaining Bjp more sympathy for betraying the pubic mandate.

Floor test time: -> Masterstroke

Now the plan comes into play

If Ap is honest :

Just before the voting, Df would have asked him to issue a whip to NCP legislators to vote for Bjp’s speaker as well as for the govt. Sp would not have been present there and to add more fuel to fire Bjp could have gone for secret Ballot vote since their speaker, Sc could not have intervened since just after Df took the oath, he conducted a floor test within 3 hours. If NCP MLA defied whip all would have been disqualified again helping Bjp forming govt. After govt formation, Bjp would have made Ap deputy Cm thus fulfilling their end of the bargain, unlike Shiv Sena.

Post-Bjp govt scenario :

Sp gets to know that Ap betrayed him.

If Ap gains control, then the Bjp govt survives.

If Sp gains control, then since the speaker is of Bjp can delay the no-confidence by a month and after that, the Bjp govt falls. But by then will be too late as Df would have passed many significant decisions as he did in the last two days.

If Ap is betraying Bjp:

Ap tells Fadnavis the lie that he cannot issue whip since he does not have support. But Df knows that Ap can issue the whip as per the constitution, so both Ap and Sp checkmated. Now Bjp fails floor test and tells the public that SS betrayed the public mandate.

No proof of them forming govt with NCP and also no fake articles of Ap getting clean chit by Bjp (Since Ap has not got one clean chit as of 30 Nov) gets published by this paid media to legitimise the khichdi govt.

Please don’t compare any of these politicians to Chanakya. Chanakya never did anything for personal gain but only dedicated himself for the nation for the idea of Bharatvarsh. Sp is corrupted to the core. As, not have been able to understand him ultimately I believe 90% dedicated to the nation but 10% power-hungry, corrupt because of his son in Bcci.(This will be the reason why the public will never accept him as Pm after Modi).

Also, Chanakya wrote a great book on administration named Arthashastra. I will request you all to please give it a try and marvel that concepts of spies, visa, the salary of staff, immigrants were there from ancient times. If you want to know more about him authentically from videos sources, please watch Chanakya Tv series by Chandra Praksh DwivediJi.

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