What do you think about MP Govt proposal of building a temple in Sri Lanka at place of Sita's Agni-priksha (acid test)?


Asked anonymously 11 months ago
Ashok Dhamija, Supreme Court Advocate, Ex-IPS, Founder of chAnQya.com
Answered 11 months ago

Madhya Pradesh Government building a temple in Sri Lanka? Doesn’t it sound a little strange?

What does MP Government have to do with constructing a temple, and that too in a foreign country, Sri Lanka?

What benefit will accrue to the state of Madhya Pradesh by doing so? Whatever tourism revenue or other related benefits would be there, they would go to Sri Lanka. And, not to Madhya Pradesh.

And, it’s also not that tourists from MP regularly visit Sri Lanka and that they would get some benefit of an infrastructure over there.

The news report referred to in the question states that the expected cost of building the temple was about ₹ 12 to 14 crore in the year 2016.

Frankly speaking, I fail to understand why this much of money should be spent on building a temple in Sri Lanka.

If at all such big amount of money is to be spent, let it be spent on developing some tourist spot of historical (or even religious) importance in Madhya Pradesh itself. Or, may be, the same amount of money can be spent on some other constructive work in the state.

However, it is reported that the MP Government has still not finalised the project and it is under consideration for last few years, since the days of the BJP Government in MP.

Generally, a Government in India getting associated with building of a religious place is rare, though many state governments, especially in South India, are managing temples and indirectly misappropriating money from there, including by way of unaccounted funds; I am completely against such system and this is against the majority community in India. But, a Government in India (and that too a State Government) building a temple in a foreign country looks completely weird.

Lastly, it appears that the so-called secular Government of Congress Party in Madhya Pradesh also now wants to capitalize on the majority community votes, due to which it has started taking interest in such projects.

So, personally, I am completely against the MP Government spending this much money in a foreign country for building a temple. Let them spend this money in MP itself for developing some tourism place, instead.

About the Author:
Ashok Dhamija
Supreme Court Advocate, Ex-IPS, Founder of chAnQya.com