What is Business model of chAnQya.com, is it same as Quora .i.e. will it give ads, when enough users are available ?

Just curious about to know how chanqya earn, so that it can operate and be successful.

SH shantanu pandey asked 11 months ago
Ashok Dhamija, Supreme Court Advocate, Ex-IPS, Founder of chAnQya.com
Answered 11 months ago

In one of my recent answers on chAnQya (Does ChAnQya have plans to reward it's top contributors?), I have explained that right now, I have funded chanqya.com from my own financial resources, including a lot of time spent for its development which has led to indirect financial loss in my regular profession too.

May be to recover the costs, and also to recognize top contributors by offering some sort of rewards to recognize them, I may have to opt for Google AdSense on chAnQya.com.

Quora is a heavily funded website. From information available online, as of April 2017, its market valuation was in the range of $ 1.8 billion, after it raised its D round funding of $ 85 million. Prior to that in 2014, it had raised $ 80 million from funding. There were other funding rounds too. I could not get latest information on Quora valuation. In addition, Quora also has several ads on its website.

So, you can imagine the kind of money that Quora has for its project.

In contrasts, as I mentioned above, chAnQya.com has been funded from my personal resources – financial as well in terms of time and skills. Of course, it is too small in comparison. So, I am thinking of placing Google AdSense ads on the website, which is the market standard for most websites. Other than this, chAnQya.com does not have any other business model.

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Ashok Dhamija
Supreme Court Advocate, Ex-IPS, Founder of chAnQya.com