What is photostress in human eye?

I recently saw a forwarded video on WhatsApp that photostress (due to usage of cellphones) damages the retina and causes blindness. I would like to know whether this is true, if there is any research that indicates the same or contradicts the claim.

AN Aniruddha Rao asked 3 weeks ago
Manoj V, Crush on Physics, engaged to engineering
Answered 1 week ago (Edited 1 week ago)

A scientist received Nobel prize for inventing blue LED light bulb.

The reason why this is a huge achievement is because blue light saves electricity and gives greater brightness.

It is estimated that his invention has saved billions of watt hour per year and thereby saved a lot of money and electricity.

Usually the Nobel prize committee does not award a scientist for any invention. But in this one case they have made an exception due to the incredible contribution of his invention.

However the same blue light can cause harm to our eyes but it won't cause blindness.

But there is an option to turn it off on most smartphone's.

In my phone it is called reader's mode. We can turn it on/off.

In my dad's phone it is called night sheild.

So what you have said is partially true. It will cause harm to our eyes but not blindness. But it can be avoided.

Note: turning this option on will result in low performance of your phone and it will drain your b battery very quickly.

Thank you for reading.

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Crush on Physics, engaged to engineering