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Do we know when Quora was established and what the original version of Quora looked like? Quora was launched in June 2009 and this was how the original version looked like:

Image result for first version of quora

Is this same version of Quora which we are seeing today? Obviously No. Because it is improved a lot in time period of 10 years. Quora got lot of rooms for improvement and users cooperated with it too. If you are old user of Quora then you can understand that this site is far more better than Quora of 2015 in design and loading.

You know what is wrong happening on this site since yesterday? People are constantly comparing this site to Quora and this can be concluded from the questions asked on the site. When the chAnQya is launched? On just day before yesterday i.e. 17th July 2019. We can understand that site is already 10 years late in the competition then how can we expect that site will compete with the Quora right now at this moment?

We should give time and space to the website; support it until the resources will be available. Here is why we should not compare site with Quora:

  • Quora launched in 2009 while chAnQya launched in 2019. There is gap of 10 years.
  • Quora is heavily funded by investors while chAnQya is funded by only Dhamija sir and no revenue have been generated since site is launched.
  • Quora has professional team of marketing, promoting, designing and moderating while chAnQya has only one admin who manages all these things.

What I am trying to say is pretty simple:-

  • Just give some time to chAnQya and bear with present features. Don't get annoyed; Rome was not built in day and Hiroshima was destroyed within a day. Creation needs time.
  • Don't do some unfair competition between two sites who have so much differences in every resource. Your presence matters so much here. In one day, alexa rank of site jumped from 27 lakh to 21 lakh in global engagement.
  • If on tomorrow, advertisements will be enabled on chAnQya then support the site by your presence so that site can be improved like initial and first wave Quora users did in 2009-2012.
  • Just keep this thing in mind, community driven websites need the support from community itself. More stronger the community, there are more chances of developments.
  • If you are designer and want to help then get connect to @ashokdhamija sir via email info@chanqya.com or on twitter.

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Harshil Mehta
Electrical Engineer, Columnist