What should be done by user to maintain quality content in Chanqya platform?

Chanqya is a new platform. If we ensure quality from day 1 and put constant effort to maintain, it will stay forever. As a user of Chanqya, what should be done so that it has high quality content?

DE Devender Mishra asked 11 months ago
Rohit Bhardwaj, Medico, Writer and Thinker
Answered 11 months ago (Edited 11 months ago)
  • Write well-researched answer.
  • Write factually correct instead of politically correct answers.
  • Provide link to the answer which demands it.
  • Answers should not be unnecessarily lengthy.
  • Answers should not be copied from Google or other websites (if copied, credit should be given to original authors).
  • Answers filled with nude pics, bullshit screenshots and porn story should be boycotted and reported.
  • I think these steps are enough in maintaining quality content of chAnQya better than Quora.



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    Medico, Writer and Thinker