What should be done by user to maintain quality content in Chanqya platform?

Chanqya is a new platform. If we ensure quality from day 1 and put constant effort to maintain, it will stay forever. As a user of Chanqya, what should be done so that it has high quality content?

DE Devender Mishra asked 11 months ago
Vishak Kamath, Android Developer
Answered 11 months ago

Some things I noticed in Quora should not be followed in chAnQya.

1. Q: Why is Country A better than Country B?

A: (A sarcastic answer written by someone from Country B which actually tells why Country B is better than Country A)

And the comments will be like "You just made him shut his/her mouth", "Fantastic! Well said.. He/She deserved it" etc..

Maybe the person was curious to know in what way the other country was better. For being curious, the reward was, getting Trolled.

2. Writing/Asking for sex stories in the name of QnA should not be appreciated. Just opening one such answer will spam our feeds like maybe forever.

3. Communicating with the readers in the answers, like Thanks for 10, 100, 1k, 10k upvotes, Please check out my profile for more answers, Please upvote etc.. must be stopped.

4. Promoting a product, political party, Business must be stopped.

These are a few things which most people find annoying and Irrelevant.

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Vishak Kamath
Android Developer