Harshil Mehta, Electrical Engineer, Columnist
Answered 11 months ago (Edited 11 months ago)

Here are my two cents and I think site should implement it, if any seems comfortable.

  • Have one motto and promotional scheme:- You know why Patanjali became successful in the early 2010s? Because they tried to sell their products on the name of nationalism. Site should be promoted on the motto of Freedom of Speech without much censor or as an Indian alternative to Silicon Valley company or what-so-ever.

  • Target Audience:- First thing which has to done is to target the audience whose taste is similar to this website. Normal Facebook or Instagram user can't get adjusted on this website as it doesn't suit their taste. Site should be promoted on Reddit, Quora and other similar websites so that we can get intellectual content here on the website; not that teenagers giving life advice and model posting photos in the answer for upvotes.

  • Special Invitations:- There are many Intellectuals who are active on various platforms varying from Medium to Twitter. Some notable people who should be invited are Shashi Tharoor, Tarek Fatah, Subramanian Swamy or Subhash Kak. Just send invitations to them and request them to join the platform which belive in the liberty and freedom of thoughts. We can't imagine the impact even one influential will be available on our platform. We can also send invitation to Quora users like Balaji Viswanathan, Deepak Mehta, Bhuvi Jain, Aman Khanna, Tejasvita Apte and some others who have faced moderation issues.

  • Add good and worthy content here:- Post good content on the website. Ask good questions, post good answers which can increase the knowledge of the readers and visitors. Make the site worthy so that people can join here.

  • Update, update, update:- Some features like A2A, answering anonymously, messaging personally, flair/credential for different topics, icons for topics, number of views should be added. We all can agree that site is new but it require friendly updates gradually in near future to attract the good amount of users. Application is also a good choice.

  • Share and promote:- We should share this website in our groups so that like minded people can people participate in the meaningful discussion and vichar yajna. (Yajna of thoughts) Post in your social media accounts that you have started writing here and honest review about the website. Bandwagon effect of the psychology will play part and more people will join the platform. Just make noice that this platform has been created.

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    Harshil Mehta
    Electrical Engineer, Columnist