Why Are You A Vegetarian?

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I am a vegetarian who has tasted meat. I was 5 yrs old then.

My father's side family is basically non vegetarian while my mother is a pure vegetarian.


No one used to force me but yes mum wanted me to be a vegetarian while dad wanted me to eat non veg.

So each one tried to make me believe their food was better than the other.

Mom would say ...why should we kill animals for our satisfaction?............isn't there any other food left on this planet? We should be kind towards animals and not kill them .

ME ( Don't we kill plants for food? Aren't we cruel for plucking fruits and flowers from living plants? )

While dad would say..........eat non veg , it will make your body strong. Don't be a CHUIMUI like your mother. It's tasty than the boring veggies.

ME ( really? but I like potatoes , pulses . Isn't there paneer and milk and other Dry fruits etc. to make us strong? )

So both of them used to feed me according to their will. I remember eating non veg twice..........Once chicken and then fish.

But somewhere I didn't like it.

I could not connect myself with the non veg food. I felt like I am eating for others pleasure .

So at last , around ten yrs old, I decided to be a vegetarian. PURE VEGETARIAN. And I love it.

I am a happy vegetarian.

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