Why India and Pakistan both claim success in Today's kulbhushan Jadav case at International court of Justice?

I have seen tweet of Pak journalist claim win in case and Indian media and government also claim success. Could someone elaborate please.

PR Pritesh Patel asked 11 months ago
Chandramohan Parashar, Frictionaly Unemployed
Answered 11 months ago

actually, this is proof India and Pakistan live in a parallel universe, however, is India universe is rooted in reality while Pakistan"s is quite delusional. the judgment of ICJ on Kulbhushan Jadhav prove it.

ICJ isn't a criminal court, it's only dealing with Vienna convention on counselor relation (VCCR), which are violated by Pakistan as Pakistan isn't granting counselor access . and court also upheld India contestation that Pakistan should have informed about immediately after arrest and after 3 weeks, including this his right to communicate his right

while Pakistan claiming victory on two ground that Jadhav death sentence was not annulled and ICJ didn't order his release, some in Pakistan have even claimed that by not releasing Jadhav ICJ has accepted that he is terrorist and that implicitly India is state-sponsored terrorism !

these assholes aren't aware of that ICJ isn't a criminal court to appeal, India appealing against Pakistan violating of VCCR. ICJ focus was limited to determining whether there was a breach of international convention so it’s clear its victory for India