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Because it's better to have an alternative.

Imagine if-

  • Samsung didn't disrupt Nokia's monopoly in 2010-2011. Chinese smartphones didn't enter the Indian market in 2012-13. Do you think we could have gottten our hands on such value for money smartphones from different companies as we are getting now? If Samsung's phones didn't took off in Nokia's era, we would have used phones with resistive touch, slow software(symbian) and expensive hardware till atleast for another 2-3 years. Similarly if Chinese phones didn't influx the market especially Xiaomi, do you think we could buy a smartphone in 2019 worth ₹15,000 which offers this many features and tech.
  • Jio didn't enter the telecom industry. We would have been paying telecos ₹399 for 2GB/month 4G data, plus additional costs for calls and SMS. Now for ₹399 you get 1GB/day, unlimited calls and sms, free roaming for 84 days.
  • All this was possible because there were competent alternatives in the market. It only creates healthy environment for us consumers.

    ChAnQya is that alternative to Quora.

    People are pretty much pissed off because of Quora's policies lately. Unwarranted bans, edit blocks are constantly pestering users especially famous writers. Presence of another similar competent platform will not only force Quora to mend their policies but it'll also ensure a steady access of information some where else as well apart from Quora.

    Also if this venture kicks off, not only it'll be first one of a kind indigenous venture from India on internet but we will also have something to boast about.

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